I work from a holistic perspective:

My therapy work includes a solution-focused approach with attention to the whole person. I concentrate on the clients' concerns such as:

  •  stress
  •  depression
  •  life transitions
  •  anxiety
  •  relationship issues - personal & working life

Coming from both a psychological and a nursing background, I attend to the emotional, behavioral and biological - with a focus on the here and now concerns of the client.

I offer a caring, empathic and safe environment for the development of a collaborative relationship. I strive to create a domain in which my clients continually deepen their understanding of themselves and their reality. Through this, they can participate more fully in the unfolding of their new realities.

Examples of Therapies I offer:

Therapy for Individuals seeking:

  • Better relationships
  •  More clarity in their values and desires
  •  A better sense of their core self
  •  A fuller awareness of their hidden, sometimes destructive agenda

Therapy for Couples seeking:

  • Collaborative relationships
  •  Better means at conflict resolution
  •  More respect for each other


Therapy for Families seeking:

  • Better collaboration
  •  Clearer sense of boundaries
  •  Conflict resolution
  •  Better forum for speaking their truth
  •  An end to "secrets"

Living in a family can seem chaotic and often feeling heard by others may seem impossible, yet we yearn for love and harmony. Too often, we wind up distancing ourselves because it may seem easier, but then the result is feelings of alienation and loneliness. "Secrets" add to these feelings of loneliness by erecting barriers between the family members which perpetuate the problem. Making what is covert, overt oftentimes releases energy so that barriers are removed permitting new possibilities.

Claudette C. Granahan, Ph.D.
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