In addition to working with individual clients, couples and families in my practice to promote their personal growth and healing, I also offer presentations addressing a variety of emotional issues.

I offer the following presentations free of charge to people in our community:

Launching Children

Looking at the impact when children leave home.
What are the steps for effectively preparing the child and the family for a successful transition out of the nuclear family? I will combine my education, professional expertise and personal experience with my own three children to offer ideas and tips for how to meet the challenges and be more successful.

Surviving a long term marriage

Injecting unconventional ideas into a tradition.
The world is full of long term marriages that have both benefits and challenges. Couples stay together for a variety of reasons: love, children, religion, security, habit, etc. and the effects are also varied - from satisfaction to boredom or worse, hatred. I will offer the art of re-negotiating the marital contract for a more satisfactory relationship.

Essential challenges of the self and other

We all want to feel connected to the other, but too often we are at a loss at how to accomplish the connection. We live on the surface of life, and fear going below the waterline. I will offer several ways of how to go below the surface with family, friends and business associates.

How to manage conflict

Conflict is a part of life and especially, conflict is a part of relationships. It is part of our humanity. I will offer ways of managing the ever present, but sometimes surprising conflictual relationships and show how to be respectful in conflict, and retain a sense of dignity.


The necessity of the depressed state.
Because we live in a manic society as evidenced by happy face decals and "just do it" or "get over it" slogans, depression has become pejorative, something to get rid of. I will offer alternative perspectives on depression, and highlight some of the rewards of exploring the depths of the psyche.

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